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Aksel Hiorth

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+47 51 87 50 40
Prof. Olav Hanssensvei 15, 4021 Stavanger, Norway

Aksel Hiorth


Energi og teknologi


Computational Geosciences and Modelling

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A generalized bodyforce scheme for lattice Boltzmann simulations of incompressible flow in complex geometries – Physics of Fluids 2023
In Silico Evaluation of a Self-powered Venous Ejector Pump for Fontan Patients – Cardiovascular Engineering and Technology 2023
A New Formulation of the Surface Charge/Surface Potential Relationship in Electrolytes with Valence Less than Three – 2022
Smart Water flooding: Part 2: Important input parameters for modeling and upscaling workflow – Universitetet i Stavanger 2022
Recommended polymer workflow: Lab (cm and m scale) – Universitetet i Stavanger 2022
Recommended polymer workflow: Interpretation and parameter identification – Universitetet i Stavanger 2022
Polymer flooding: Simulation Upscaling Workflow – Universitetet i Stavanger 2022
Stol på matematikken, ikke magefølelsen – Forskning.no 2020
Korona, ebola og zombier – Dagsavisen 2020
Petroleum taxation. The effect on recovery rates – Energy Economics 2020
Compaction and Fluid—Rock Interaction in Chalk Insight from Modelling and Data at Pore-, Core-, and Field-Scale – Geosciences 2020
Taxation and Extraction Rates – IAEE International Conference 2019
Rock Fluid Interaction in Chalk at Pore-, Core- and Field-Scale - Insight From Modeling and Data – 2019
An Experimental Investigation of Polymer Mechanical Degradation at the Centimeter and Meter Scale – SPE Journal 2019
An Investigation of Polymer Mechanical Degradation in Radial Well Geometry – Transport in Porous Media 2019
Core scale modeling of polymer gel dehydration by spontaneous imbibition – SPE Journal 2019
On the inclusion of mass source terms in a single-relaxation-time lattice Boltzmann method – Physics of Fluids 2018
An Experimental Investigation of Polymer Mechanical Degradation at cm and m Scale – 2018
Core Scale Simulation of Spontaneous Solvent Imbibition from HPAM Gel – 2018
Mechanical Degradation of Polymers at the Field Scale - A Simulation Study – 2017
A model for non-Newtonian flow in porous media at different flow regimes – Computational Geosciences 2017
Mineral Dissolution and Precipitation Rate Laws Predicted from Reactive Pore Scale Simulations – 2017
Modelling the rheology of two-phase polymer flow – 2017
Physical modelling of rheological properties of polymer solutions for enhanced oil recovery – 2017
Experimental validation of a pore-scale-derived dimensionless capillary pressure function for imbibition under mixed-wet conditions – SPE Journal 2017
Integration of IOR Research Projects through Generic Case Studies – 2017
Silicate Gel for In-depth Placement- Gelation Kinetics and Pre-flush Design – 2017
Simulation of sodium silicate water diversion using IORSim – 2017
Modeling of spontaneous-imbibition experiments with porous disk-on the validity of exponential prediction – SPE Journal 2017
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