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Norwegian P&A Laboratories

With financing from the Research Council of Norway a national Plugging and Abandonment (P&A) infrastructure is being established at NORCE, SINTEF, UiS and NTNU.

Two full scale laboratories have been constructed at NORCE, Ullandhaug, Stavanger:

  • P&A Test Well
  • Pressure and Leakage Test Laboratory

The facilities is typically used by the larger operators within the oil and gas industry to test their plug and abandonment solutions.

P&A Test Well

  • Well U8 at Ullrigg Test Centre, NORCE
  • Large-diameter well for testing new P&A methods with a focus on Rigless P&A 
  • Enables repeated P&A of the same well for testing and verification of new methods and materials 
  • Repeated “permanent” well abandonment & completion recovery 
  • 12 ¼” TD @ ≈ 900 m

Pressure and Leakage Test Laboratory

  • A facility for testing the sealing capacity of barrier materials under realistic conditions of pressure and temperature
  • Construction of test cells for experiments and technology verification
  • Testing of leakage properties using high precision piston pumps & N2 pressure controller
  • Full casing joint length
  • Vertical or horizontal rig-up
  • Mixing and placement equivalent to offshore
  • Able to maintain a "downhole" test environment for extended periods


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Olav Hanssens Vei 15, Stavanger

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David Gardner


+ 47 404 60 090