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Society is facing major challenges.  As an independent research institution with a 360-degree perspective, NORCE, as a multidisciplinary advisor, can give you the answers you need to make smart and sustainable choices for the future. 

Research and science

Together we can find the new solutions. NORCE is an independent research institute that conducts research for both public and private sectors


Learn from our experts. We share our knowledge through training courses, seminars and conferences.

Test fascilities and laboratories

NORCE builds its own facilities and has access to a variety of infrastructure, including various labs and test facilities. This infrastructure is important for developing new knowledge that meets society’s needs, and contributes to a sustainable energy transition.

Test centres and labs
Competence centres

NORCE operates four knowledge and competence centers within the health area on behalf of the Norwegian authorities.

Competence centres

NORCE is Norway’s leading research institute with a presence along the entire Norwegian coast.

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